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Blog series for ALL ABOUT WRITING

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Melissa Delport is writing a 10 part blog series for All About Writing titled ‘From Indie to Published & Everything In-Between’.  Check their website each Friday, starting tomorrow, for some ‘writerly’ advice.

Here is a list of the topics that Melissa will be cover each week:

Part 1 – Friday, 6 June ’14: My self-publishing experiences – the good, the bad and the ugly.

Part 2 – Friday, 13 June ’14: Why you need to be in control of every production step if you opt to self-publish.

Part 3 – Friday, 20 June ’14: From indie to published, and why you need a great editor.

Part 4 – Friday, 27 June ’14: The power of social media – why all writers, both traditionally published and self-published, need an online platform.

Part 5 – Friday, 04 July ’14: The Legacy Trilogy – my writing process.

Part 6 – Friday, 11 July ’14: The Legacy Trilogy – Music playlist & dream movie-cast.

Part 7 – Friday, 18 July ’14: How to handle your first bad review.

Part 8 – Friday, 25 July ’14: The strange new phenomenon – The Book Blog Tour.

Part 9 – Friday, 01 August ’14: How would a writer survive without the love and support of family?

Part 10 – Friday, 08 August ’14: Does writing get any easier?





10 Things you DIDN’T know about The Legacy

10 Things You Didn't Know About The Legacy

Here are ten fun facts about book 1 of The Legacy Trilogy:                        THE LEGACY

1. The book was intended to be a stand alone novel, not a trilogy. The war was to end with the fall of Eric Dane. As the story progressed, I realised that I wasn’t done yet, and so The Legion and The Legend were born.

2. Kwan’s wife, Nina, was initially named Elizabeth. I changed her name to suit her character when she went from being simply ‘dead ex-wife’ to ‘super-bitch’.

3. Morgan Kelly was originally older and intended to be Kwan’s love interest.

4. Aidan Moore did not exist in the initial story plot. *gasp* About a month after I started writing the book, I went back and wrote him in.

5. I used my daughter’s name in the book – but only once. I have done this with all 3 of my children’s names – they are mentioned only once in: The Legacy, Rainfall and The Legion.

6. The character of Jonathan is based on my own stepfather who has the same name.

7. Rebecca’s friend Jenna Larsen looks just like my own friend Jenna, but her surname was taken from a woman I used to do business with.

8. Kwan Lee is the only character I struggle to visualise in my head.

9. At the advice of a friend, I seriously considered removing the scene where Reed and Rebecca discuss the stars, but in the end I opted to keep it in.

10. Initially the 3 Gifts were to be: Speed, Strength and Intelligence. Healing worked better for the story, so Intelligence was scrapped and instead, I introduced characters who were naturally exceptional smart to fill this gap.

Stay tuned for 10 Things You Didn’t Know About The Legion…coming soon.

Originally posted on Melissa’s blog.