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Melissa Delport, the author of the dystopian novels The Legacy Trilogy - Book 1 is The Legacy, Book 2 is The Legion and Book 3 is The Legend,

Robin Hood Foundation





Melissa donated copies of The Legacy to the Robin Hood Foundation for their annual fundraising breakfast.



The morning was a wonderful success and over R50 000 was raised for the foundation and the projects they run.


Their aim is to make a positive difference in the lives of the poorest of the poor by the distribution of donated items to the neediest members of society. They focus on committing random acts of kindness to poor groups of society, namely babies, poor grannies looking after orphaned grandchildren, orphan-headed households and “forgotten” grandparents in old age homes.

To read more about the Robin Hood Foundation, and to get involved, click HERE.


#TLBT – Booklover Book Reviews


Booklover Book Reviews

Delport has also woven into her fictional future nice historical tie backs to the current state of things. From relatively simple beginnings this novel blossomed into a scope quite expansive in terms of characters, geography and timelines.

I must warn you though, Delport has written a killer cliffhanger… but is commercially astute enough to have ensured that The Legion (Book 2 of the trilogy) was immediately available to purchase.

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