#TLBT – Pretty Little Pages Review

Pretty Little Pages

Dystopian is just my thing, you know? Whenever I heard of The Legacy, I just knew I would love it. And I did! It was definitely part of the dystopian crowd, but I found that it was able to stand out on its own. Even now, weeks after I’ve read this, I still think about it. It’s very memorable and stands out against the influx of dystopians.
…The plot was intense and kept me on the edge of my seat.
… perfect for readers searching for their next dystopian fix!

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Their rating – full marks!


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#TLBT – The Literary Melting Pot Book Review


The Literary Melting Pot

I’m not usually a big fan of post-apocalyptic novels, but Melissa Delport makes it easy to forget my prejudices.

… Delport doesn’t show all of her cards up front, which caught me off guard a few times, but I loved the surprises! The science-fiction twist added complexity and great fighting scenes.

It was hard not to become attached to those fighting for a better life and heartbreaking when lives were lost.

… I loved this novel, and its originality.

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#TLBT – Cellar Door Lit Rants & Reviews: Book Review


Cellar Door Lit Rants & Reviews

I felt like it was a cross between Hunger Games and a daytime TV soap opera with the amount of action and drama Delport weaves into her story. Action is constant, danger is within every turn of the page, and it drips with romance. You will never be bored and you may even be moved to tears at moments of the story.

There was also a heavy amount of martial arts style fighting in the story that while not uncommon, was different and fun because of the extensiveness. It is one of those stories you could see going to screen because it could translate well, with the action being hand to hand combat and a deadly car chase that gets the adrenaline running. You will probably have a hard time setting the book down because there is never a good time to pause it.

I have to add that I think the cover of the book is pretty spectacular. It is eye catching and mysterious. Cover design get two thumbs up from me.

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