10 Things you DIDN’T know about The Legacy

10 Things You Didn't Know About The Legacy

Here are ten fun facts about book 1 of The Legacy Trilogy:                        THE LEGACY

1. The book was intended to be a stand alone novel, not a trilogy. The war was to end with the fall of Eric Dane. As the story progressed, I realised that I wasn’t done yet, and so The Legion and The Legend were born.

2. Kwan’s wife, Nina, was initially named Elizabeth. I changed her name to suit her character when she went from being simply ‘dead ex-wife’ to ‘super-bitch’.

3. Morgan Kelly was originally older and intended to be Kwan’s love interest.

4. Aidan Moore did not exist in the initial story plot. *gasp* About a month after I started writing the book, I went back and wrote him in.

5. I used my daughter’s name in the book – but only once. I have done this with all 3 of my children’s names – they are mentioned only once in: The Legacy, Rainfall and The Legion.

6. The character of Jonathan is based on my own stepfather who has the same name.

7. Rebecca’s friend Jenna Larsen looks just like my own friend Jenna, but her surname was taken from a woman I used to do business with.

8. Kwan Lee is the only character I struggle to visualise in my head.

9. At the advice of a friend, I seriously considered removing the scene where Reed and Rebecca discuss the stars, but in the end I opted to keep it in.

10. Initially the 3 Gifts were to be: Speed, Strength and Intelligence. Healing worked better for the story, so Intelligence was scrapped and instead, I introduced characters who were naturally exceptional smart to fill this gap.

Stay tuned for 10 Things You Didn’t Know About The Legion…coming soon.

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Book Tours – ready, steady, go…

As I am sure many of you know, I am about to embark on a very exciting series of virtual book tours, across a few of my titles. A few people have asked me exactly what a virtual tour is, so I thought I would blog about it, as there is far too much involved to cover it all in a FB post.

A virtual book tour is very basically a tour of your book on the internet. You don’t physically travel, but you are hosted by well-known bloggers, who are primarily readers.

A tour can last anything from a week to three months, usually with 1-2 stops a day. Each stop is hosted by a different blogger, and depending on the host, a number of different posts could feature, such as:

  •  Book review
  • Author Interview
  • Character Interview (this one is quite fun, actually!)
  • Book Trailer
  • Guest Blog (the author writes a guest blog for the host’s website)
  • Book Excerpt
  • Character Outlines
  • Dream Movie Cast
  • Music Playlist

The list is endless, but it is all good fun, and requires a lot of hard work to put together.

My tour dates are:

  • The Traveler 19th May-16th June 2014
  • Rainfall 16th June-27th June 2014
  • The Traveler 23rd June – 23rd July 2014
  • AND The Legacy Blog Tour: a two month whirlwind tour from 21st July – 19th September. To follow this tour, please go to: The Legacy Blog Tour Schedule and Updates.

My first tour is for The Traveler and it runs from the 19th May – 16th June. The schedule for this tour is as follows, so if you want to follow the tour, simply visit the tour stops on the specified day :)

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You’ve got SPAM …

Having your own website is awesome. It makes you feel legit, even if you only have 2 subscribers, which essentially means you are paying approximately a hundred bucks per person, per month, to read your blog. Like I said… awesome!!!!

But, along with the uber-cool “it” factor, having a website also means you have to deal with spam. Ditto for email, Twitter, Facebook – the internet is full of shit.

Being a busy person, I hardly have time to reply to each and every piece of spam I receive but I did want to address a few particularly colourful posts that deserve a mention.

 1. My self-proclaimed soulmate, Mr King Whala ♥. Thank you for your very public post on my official FB author page. While your turban did not deter me in the least and I quite fancy being a queen, as an author I simply could not overlook your atrocious spelling and grammar. I cannot thank you enough for supplying no less than 7 email addresses and 6 international phone numbers, but as to your suggestion of a “fec-to-fec” meeting, I must respectfully decline. My husband has a shotgun and an alibi.

 2. To the delightful Russians who hacked my website and proceeded to use it to sell Viagra: I’ll take ten boxes. I am willing to come to a compromise. Writing is a tough game, and should it not work out for me, I am quite willing to allow this sales trade to continue, so long as I get a cut. In the meantime I have (sadly) changed my password. I do so hope that women across the globe are not too disappointed should their deliveries not arrive.

3. My Chinese friends:
In answer to your delightful post:
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I reply simply:
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4. Nobephype: Seriously, if I wanted knock-off Louis Vuitton Handbags, I would simply take a trip to China Mall. I speak fluent Chinese (see post above).

 5. Dearest Cerys Matthews: While others may have been baffled by your post, which read only:
???: ?? ?????? ?? ??????????? ???? ? ??????????? ???? ????? ???????????? ?? ?????, ????????? ? ?????-?????. ????? ??? ??????? ??? ???
My answer is simple: Yes…no… to get to the other side…1.77245….
(Note: Anyone who gets this is officially in my inner circle :))

6. Lissohancialm: With regards to your offer for a revolutionary weight loss wonder product. Firstly, how dare you presume I have a fat ass….. Oh, who am I kidding, I’ve paid full postage and packaging.

 7. Hi Paulo K! You mention it’s hard to find my website on Google and that it only rates in the 22nd spot. What were you searching for exactly? If it was lesser- known authors, I’m well-chuffed I made it so high. If you were searching for Russian Viagra suppliers there is a problem with placing. I should be number 1.

 8. My new bestie, Miss Gugu: I am delighted to have won the UK lottery, despite never having purchased a ticket. Ever. In my whole life. Be that as it may, I have purchased the R180 airtime and sent it along…I can’t wait to receive your call!!!

 9. And then later…..Dear  Thomuuux Worldpill. Your opening statement reads: One pill may turn your bedroom into the heaven of sex and pleasure! Been there, done that, have three kids to prove it. But if you have any products that turn your bedroom into a room in which to sleep for hours on end uninterrupted, send me R180 worth of airtime and I’ll give you a call.

 10. To the naked fireman who sent me a friend request on Facebook. I’m sure you look just like your profile pic, which incidentally is the splitting image of my favourite celeb, sadly, your hose didn’t impress me enough to accept your invitation. Also, as I mentioned to your predecessor, Mr King Whala – my husband has a shotgun. And an alibi.

Happy Tuesday everyone!

Originally posted on Melissa’s blog.